My Apostasy: From the Seventh-day Adventist Church

by Karl Sawyer

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Christ denounces the Christian Church today for their apostate religious practice and teaching of a lie that sinners nailed him to the cross, when, in fact, he never laid this sin to anyone's charge! Christ vehemently rebukes and chastises his wayward church for perjuring his good name and character which has promoted a false gospel. He will not stand by idle and watch his wayward bride continue in her spiritual malpractice, judicial malfeasance and merciless condemnation of laying this blood-guiltiness upon the heads of innocent infants at their birth and predestining them to hell for it! He describes this spiritual abortion and carnage of babies as detestable to him and one which makes him nauseas and wanting to vomit his apostate church out of his mouth! He calls them out on their sins, noting the spiritually dead state of their works for not knowing the truth that it is they who are poor, blind, wretched, miserable and naked without a white garment of righteousness to cover their sins! He counsels his wayward bride to have ears to listen to what his spirit is saying to her and his call for her to repent for her egregious lack of faith to do so already because she continues to cover over her adulterous acts of sin by unjustly imputing them upon the heads of sinners. His last day church has resisted his Holy Spirit’s counsel to repent and has therefore committed the unpardonable sin and apostatized away from their faith in Christ and in his mercy to save them and the world from their false gospel of sacrifice and blood which cannot save anyone! (Matthew 9:13).




















My Apostasy: From the Seventh-day Adventist Church Karl Sawyer










My Apostasy From the Seventhday Adventist Church






Karl Sawyer


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